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Our accreditations are your guarantee of quality. Trusted by lawyers and physicians across the UAE, we offer quick results with a commitment to full confidentiality.

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Our Accreditations

Our excellence in quality control has earned us a wide range of accreditations, including AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO/IEC 17025, making us one of the select few laboratories globally to hold all major internationally recognized DNA laboratory accreditations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Not all laboratories have accreditation, and it’s crucial to avoid companies that are not accredited. Accreditation is a guarantee that you are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy laboratory. It ensures that all necessary protocols are followed carefully to maintain the highest quality of testing. At Genetrack, a well-known DNA Paternity Testing laboratory with over 25 years of experience, we have accreditation from reputable organizations such as AABB, CAP, ISO7025, and CLIA. This accreditation means that our testing procedures meet strict standards, resulting in the highest quality and most accurate results for our clients.

DNA is collected by rubbing a brush gently inside the mouth against the cheek for 15 seconds. The collection is safe and painless and can be performed on individuals at any age, including infants.

DNA testing can be performed on individuals at any age. Sample collection can even occur on the day of birth.

Each component in the kit is individually labeled with barcodes. If the participants to be tested in different cities, you can split the kit and send the components to each party for sample collection. Even if the samples are collected separately, they will still be tested together once they arrive at the laboratory.

If the alleged father is deceased, forensic DNA testing can be considered using items which may contain the alleged father's DNA. Forensic DNA testing can be performed any anything that has biological material from the father such as an old toothbrush, electric razor, blood stains, saliva stains, and bone or teeth from an exhumation. If it is not possible to obtain a forensic sample for the alleged father, testing his direct relatives can be considered. If his parents are alive, the grandparentage test can be performed. If he has any siblings, then an aunt or uncle test can be performed. If the alleged father has other children, then a full or half sibling test can be performed.

Testing begins immediately after the samples arrive at our laboratory. The routine turnaround time for DNA testing is approximately 1 to 2 working days for relationship tests and 6 to 12 weeks for all other DNA tests.

You can view your DNA test results discreetly from your secure online account immediately after your test is completed. You also have the option to download and print unlimited copies of your final report.

Prenatal DNA testing can be performed using a CVS sample or an amniotic fluid sample. If you are interested in proceeding with prenatal testing, the first step is to arrange an appointment for amniocentesis or CVS with your physician/obstetrician. Once the appointment is confirmed, please let us know and we will help you to initiate a file and send the collection kit directly to your physician. The turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days from the date that we receive the samples. If you are unable to have a prenatal sample collected, please note that DNA testing can be performed on the day of birth using a mouth swab kit.

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